The Saga

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It's not an allegory (though, I can see that it might be headed there). It's not a fantasty or sci-fi.

But the Rebel saga is a little deeper than a story. It's my way of disagreeing with how things are being run and what's wrong in America. It's the story of a brotherhood. It's a story of Rebels who join together to capture back their country, their America.

After I had a chance to really think and sort out some of my ideas (believe me, they aren't all sorted out, even now!!!), when I get down to the core of my story, I realized that it's very much like a modern Robin Hood (I didn't mean it to be that why, honest--I started the book before I watched Robin Hood). It's about good vs. evil. It's about a band of people who stand up against a corrupt government.

The Rebels in the story have an army of about... Well, I haven't quite decided on the numbers yet :) But in the large army of Rebels, there is a smaller group--a special fighting force. It's called the Kearney (which is an Irish surname that means "fighting group" hehe). It's lead by Vince Mason (the main character's cousin). Anyway, the saga mainly follows the Kearney's story :)

Here's a list of all the important characters.

And an excerpt....

Brynn threw a rock onto the ice.
"What are you so steamed about?"
Brynn knew it was only Riley. Why should he be so concerned about her?
"Vince blew me off. It isn't fair. Everyone gets their chance to shine. Everyone but me." Brynn threw one more rock. It broke the ice and sent echos into the rest of the woods.
"Sure it isn't fair. But life is a total let down." Riley picked up a rock and joined Brynn in throwing things onto the ice.
"I guess. Vince would say that's very pessimistic, though."
Riley shook his head. "In my opinion, Vince is an optimist. Which it ten times worse than a pessimist."
Brynn dropped her rock and stared at Riley. "Now how does that work?"
"Because when you're an optimist, you expect something good to happen. So when a tragedy comes, you're left heartbroken. A pessimist, though, always expects the worst, so when tragedy strikes, you aren't as heartbroken. And when something good happens, it's much more enjoyable since it's a surprise."
"I see your point," Brynn said. "But Vince is fine just the way he is."
"He's your cousin; I didn't expect you to agree with me."
Brynn sat down. "I do agree with you somewhat. I only said--"
"Let's not fight, Brynn. Alright?"
Riley sat down oppisite Brynn. They both stared out over the ice.

This story is going to be so fun to write. I just want to jump up and down and clap my hands. =D heehee

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