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9:10 PM

Yesterday was amazing. My cousin Jacob came over and we made a campfire, roasted hot-dogs and had Cookie S'mores (which are so amazingly beyond-awesome and indescribable that I'm not even going to try).

I've been enjoying my Michael Buble CD so much :)

[That was the random fact for today :)) ]

Anyway, I've decided to share with you some of my photoshop creations. In the form of quotes. What would I do without quotes?

Also........ This is an epic soundtrack that is already on my music player.... But turn off my music player anyway and listen to this because this song makes me want to do a ton of flips and knock out some bad guys ;) It makes me feel like I could take on the world. And it's just awesome. So please. Listen to it. You'll be happy. And guess what? It's from Robin Hood ;) *evil smile* I love it!!!

Yes... Most of these quotes are from Robin Hood. Don't judge me.
Because I obviously think that these are cool quotes.

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