Meet Allie

7:41 PM

Yesterday was an amazing day. I ate lasanga and homemade bread for dinner.
I had Death by Chocolate cake for dessert.
And I got a car.

Yesterday was awesome.
Yesterday was beyong awesome.
Yesterday... was epic. 

My car--has a sunroof!!!! [Insert yell]

After school, I ran outside (it was a bee-yew-ti-ful day, was it not?) and just sat in the driver's seat,
listening to the radio and enjoying the day.

I finally have a key to put on my key-chain :))))

I decided to name my car Allie. 1) because it just seems like a girl-type of personality. 2) because Allie
is a feminised version of Allan.... as in Allan a Dale.... yeah.... moving on.... ;)

This is so blurry.... sorry.

The speedometer and such =D

I just about died when my grandparents gave me the car.

I'm so happy it's not even funny.

So I would say that this is may just be the best birthday present I've ever got!! ;)

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  1. I am so happy that you are happy! Just be a cautious, good driver(which I know you will be) and everyone will be happy!

  2. Looks like a nice car! And by the way, nice key chain!!! ;-)

    1. Thanks! The key looks so nice on my Mustang key-chain ;)

    2. I will get you an oldsmobile one! ;-)


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