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It's the classic beginning. There's just something magical about the words "Once Upon a Time." Maybe it's because those words usually lead to a brave hero triumphing over an evil dragon and riding off into the sunset with a damsel in distress. But no matter how nice "once upon a time sounds"... It's just a little worn out. You can't start stories with that anymore.

It's true---and it's also true that you have no idea just how exactly hard it is to write the beginning of a story. The beginning is possibly the most important part of the story. Why? Because the beginning makes the reader decide whether or not the book is worth reading. The beginning makes the reader ask, "why should I go on reading this?" The beginning is very much like a movie preview, in the way that it should draw in the reader. And trust me--it ain't easy.

As I edit Rebel Yell and prepare to start work on Beginning of the End (which is the 1st book in my Rebel Saga), I'm realizing how important and hard it is to write the beginning. It's frustrating, too. And yet, it's so fun!!! I'm getting really excited about Beginning of the End: remember how I said that I was having some difficult in planning out my story? Well, I think I've overcome that :) I'm pretty excited. In fact... Maybe... Would you mind if I shared some of my ideas with you? Really??? Well I'm going to make you read them anyway.

Name: Brynn Delaney Mason
Meaning of Name: Honor//Swarthy Challenger
Nickname: none
Birth Place: Mason Valley, USA
Age: 16 (August 9, 2063)
Nationality: American/Rebel
Hair Color: Dark, dark blonde/brown
Hair Style: Cut to the shoulders; usually hanging loose; naturally straight.
Shape and Features of Face: Heart shaped; regular nose; beautiful; almond shaped eyes
Eye Color: Very dark blue, almost black
Skin Tone: In between tan and pale
Scars or Distinguishing Marks: People always remember her eyes
Disabilities: none
Build or Body Type: Medium height; slender and strong
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 110 lbs.
Gestures: tilts nose upward when she is offended or challenged,
Weakness: When people question her abilities
Special Abilities or Powers: Expert shot with gun and arrow; sword master
Bad Habits: Bursts out in anger sometimes; does things impulsively without thinking
Good Habits: When something is right she does it; forgiveness
Best Characteristic: Bravery
Worst Characteristic: Impulsiveness
Proud of: The Rebels
Embarrassed by: Any show of weakness
Education: Trained by Erik Masterson as a top class fighter
Family: Father: Peter; Mother: Becky; Cousins: Vince--22; Erik--32
Special Knowledge: Secrets plans & moves of the army & Kearney, what's going on in the Kearney (thru Erik, Vince, Phil, Aaron, Riley, Maverick)
Strong Points: Courage, intelligence
Temperament: "Like a ticking bomb"; in between pessimist and optimist; knows her abilities and limits; self-confident; patriotic; loyal; sometimes skeptical
Attitude: "I'm going to do what I can, to do what I can"
Fears: She doesn't really have any. She worries about her cousins.
Phobias: none
Feels Vulnerable When: Someone questions her abilities
Motivation: Pride; proving she can do things just as well as anybody else
Introvert or Extrovert: Extrovert
Optimist or Pessimist: Somewhere in between--a little bit of both
Greatest Want: To fight with the Kearney
Greatest Need: To calm/slow down and look around her.
History: Parents were killed when Brynn was a baby, & she was raised by her cousins Erik & Vince. Erik trained Brynn as a soldier & Brynn is just as good a fighter as most of the men in the Rebel camp.

Brynn Mason is the daughter of Peter Mason, the murdered leader of the Rebels. She was rasied by her cousins, Vince Mason and Erik Masterson and because of that very reason, she is one of the best fighters in all of the Rebel army. She feels that she is just as capable of fighting as any of the men, but her cousin Erik won't let her. She isn't afriad to sneak into battle, though Erik threatens so send her away. She grew up along side Riley and Aaron Kale, Phil Searson, and Maverick Alston.

And there you have it. My main character. I'll try have have some more character sketches on here later :) Mabe some from Rebel Yell, too.

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