So Big

9:00 AM

Isn't it funny how it's the little things in life that have the complete ability to make you smile? Yeah, the big things that happen to us are cool. But it's the little things that are important in life--because they are what makes up our life. The little moments. The best moments.

Like getting a sweet text from a sweet person.

Or getting a full-of-love Christmas card from a very good friend.

A sunny day in the middle of a dreary February.

Or curling up with a book that you can't put down.

An open practice. And Morgan's hat :)

Finding this picture and remembering what we did that day.

This face. It never gets old.

Band practice with some of my bestie's.

BBC Robin Hood. (This is the best photoshop banner I've been able to make. Which is sad. haha)

The latest song I've written. It's sad... But I'm really happy with it.

Sipping AMAZING coffee with one of my besties.

Ripped up blue jeans.

Fast-paced music on my MP3 player.

My bright pink sharpie.

My little disco ball.

And the awesome effect that it produces.

Playing the diva with my favorite scarf. (Sorry for the horrible picture--I'm not even looking at the camera)

And trying to decide what to think of these braces.

Making a fool of myself as I pose and snap random pictures. It's restlessness.
Oh summer where are you?!

It's the little things that make my Grand Adventure a Grand Adventure.
The little things in life aren't really little.
They're big.
So big.

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