Why Hello, 2012

2:13 PM

Yesterday was a superb New Years Eve. I discovered that I love sparkling grapjuice. I was on a sugar high the rest of the day.

The whole neighboorhood got together for a party. With Ashlyn Sound as the entertainment.

We had quite a bit of fun.

We went back to the woods, and Rebecca started digging through a pile of leaves. She saw this staring up at here. Freaky, much? She took it home. I named it Chuckie ;) 

That night, we went to my aunt and uncle's house. Londan was excited for the New Year, I think. 

Some of us played Twister. Then Jacob decided he was too old and infirmed to play. Which isn't cool, considering I'm a year older than him. lol

Londan loved Twister.

Afterwards, we watched slides of when the older cousins were younger. That was fun lol ;)

I ate dinner with Londan.

My goals for this year. I'm still working on my resolutions.

Happy New Year, folks

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