A Proclamation of Nothing in Particular

1:16 PM

Mood: Happy go lucky (it's a bright, sunny day. Sort of.)
Watching: The words type across the screen
Eating: I'm chewing up my story (metaphorically speaking)
Listening: To Rascal Flatts and Chris Tomlin
While: "You screamed like a little girl!" lol that never gets old...

I decided to set today aside as a writing day. Well... it's turned into a "things related to writing" day. I've been working on character sketches, and--of course--been playing around with book covers. I <3 Photoshop :) As a random side note, I've been playing Rascal Flatts nonstop.

My cover for Beginning of the End: Book 1 of the Rebel Saga. I love to play around.

And now, for Rebel Yell's cover. I've been playing and playing, trying to make one that I really liked. I started with this one:

But I wasn't too sure about the font. So, I ended with this:

And I think that I like this ^ one more. What do you think?

I've also been editing Rebel Yell. I'm finding problems with some scenes--but I still think that the story has
some promise. So... yeah, I'm happy with the first draft :)

I'm also obsessed with a new TV show. It's BBC's Robin Hood!!! And it has Richard Armitage in it!
[He's Mr. Thornton in North and South <3]. Yeah, it's awesome. I would watch it all the time, if I could.

That's about all. I've got a lot of writing to do, character sketches to work on, photo editing, music listening and--wait, it's lunch time?! Whoa... I'm so out of it... *facepalm*

I'll bid you a fond farewell, then, with my favorite photo edit.

P.S. Should I post an excerpt of Rebel Yell on here sometime?


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