Pirates Part 1: What Makes Them so Good?

8:00 AM

What makes Pirates of the Carribbean so good?
There are tons of reasons. But I'll give you 5.

Reason 1:

Captain Jack Sparrow.

Need I say more? Jack Sparrow has numerous amazing qutoes, for a pirate--he's actually nice--and he's hilarious.

"But I love those moments; I like to wave at them as they pass by."--Captain Jack Sparrow

"Not all treasure is silver and gold, mate."--Cap. Jack Sparrow

"Jack: Why's the rum gone?

"I want you to know... I was rooting for you."--Cap. Jack

"There'll be no living with her after this."--Cap. Jack Sparrow

Reason #2:
Will and Elizabeth

A big critiscism of On Stranger Tides was that it didn't Will and Elizabeth. Yet, some people I know
were glad that it didn't have Will and Elizabeth. I like On Stranger Tides--but I missed the sweet romance
between Mr. Turner and Miss Swan.

Reason #3:
The Action

There are epic sword fights, battles between pirates (duh), and, as if a plain sword fight isn't enough, 
there's a sword fight on to of a rolling mill wheel!

Reason #4:
The Music

Come on. This is a no brainer. The music is absolutely amazing. Seriously. I could listen to it for hours. 
And hours. And hours. And..

Reason #5:
It's Awesome

Instead of dragging this post on and on, I'm just going to sum it all up and say that it's awesome.
Because it is.
It's funny, action-packed, there's romance, Jack Sparrow, awesome soundtracks... Really, I love these

So what are your thoughts?

But why's the rum gone?"
One because it is a vile drink that makes even the most respectable men do dishonorable things, two because that smoke signal is miles high. Half the royal navy is looking for me. Do you even think they will not see it?

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