The NEW Campsite

8:15 PM

The Gang made it their business to fix up the old campsite. It's now our pride and joy.

We had some pretty fierce ice hockey matches. The teams were the Chicks and the Coca Colas,
but the names were changed. The teams are now:
Emily, Rachel, & Annie


Mark, Dylann, Rebecca

I'd discovered that I really like hockey. It's now one of my favorite sports. Of course, watching the Mighty Ducks 1,2,& 3 hasn't helped my obsession.

Our ice rink is really in bad shape. But it's better than nothing. 

The Campsite. It's so amazing. We all hung out back there--all day long--on Martin Luther King Jr. day.
It was epic.

Our glass bottle collection.

It's been amazingly nostalgic.

We toasted pitas over the fire, added some pizza sauce, with a little bit of cheese,
then put it back over the fire. Our mini pizzas were so good that it's ridiculous.

I don't know what I would do without this neighborhood. I've got so many memories locked up here.
This place has made my growing up experience better than I deserve.
I could go on... But I won't :)
Man, I can't wait for this summer. It's going to be epic.

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  1. hi emily!!!!!!!!!!! i finally got on your blog. my you are very obssessed with taking pictures. and with peter pan, (you kinda sound like you're still rwelve tho) but i guess that's part of never growing up, right?

    1. Oh my goodness you got on! haha. Yeah, I guess I am a little obsessed. Twleve? My, well that won't do?! ;) That's okay. :))))

    2. P.S. Did you notice I now have Schindler's List music on my blog?!


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