My Obsession With Peter Pan

7:47 PM

Maybe it's because I never want to grow up.

Maybe it's because I grew up knowing his story.

Maybe it's because of no reason in particular.

But I have an obsession.

With Peter Pan.

It's true. Do you know that I want to live in Neverland, and refuse to grow up? I would always stay as I am--forever and ever. Why? Because sometime, at twelve years of age... I fell in love with Peter Pan.

I love the scene where Peter visits Wendy's house, and hears Mrs. Darling mumbling Wendy's name.
"We can't both have her, lady." *Siiiiiiiiiiiigh*

I've always felt bad because I'm not a big fan of Wendy. And the only reason for that, is because I was always jealous of her. Peter Pan was in love with her, and that made her my enemy. *rolls eyes* I'm sooo messed up.

I always cry here. So sad....

I would totally have convinced him to come back with me. Or stayed in Neverland. I would never have left Peter Pan behind. Stinkin' Wendy...

This part ^ is so sweet :)

"Forget them, Wendy. Forget them all."

"To live, would be an awfully big adventure."

"Oh, the cleverness of me!"

He's such a happy guy :)

Dancing. At night. In the air. Yep, it's pretty awesome.

Holding his hand out for a kiss.

Seriously, how could she let him go?

This is my favorite movie in the whole world. And probably always will be.

And this part is so awesome.

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  1. Wendy don't let go Peter. She has got a family. She grown up, yes: but she stills love him. And him will always love her too. It's a true love without time, and Wendy doesn't did anything wrong.
    It's my favorite movie too and I hate the reason that to many people can't understand Wendy. Why? She cares about her family, and that's because her stays at London. She do that, but her heart only wants to stay in Neverland with her real love: Peter.
    She has a brave heart. A brave and a broken heart. Peter has too. Because they two, has the most beautiful, pure, powerful and innocent love.
    They are meant to be. They’re love it’s eternal. They are the most beautiful thing in the whole world. They are Peter and Wendy <3.


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