Hello, Farewell, Adieu

5:12 PM

It's a bitter cold day. But there's still a beauty hanging in the air that I would never trade. I'm sitting her, listening to my Star Wars soundtrack, while my very talented brother makes a pizza. Remember how I used to get somewhat upset when someone called me a musician, because I wanted to be a writer? Well, I take it back. You can be two things at once. I will always be a writer, but I am a musican as well, and nothing can ever change that. Just sayin' :)

On Thursday, the neighborhood kids will be burying a time capsule. It should be fun to open in ten years from now and laugh at ourselves. haha

That's really all I have to say right now. Not much, I know... But I'm in a writing mood, and my fingers are itching to get working on a new story. So I guess I'll be leaving you now. Goodbye.

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