Rockin' 'Round the Christmas Tree

4:03 PM

I love to sit by my little Christmas tree and stare at the lights shine. My mind always wanders far away....

I usually listen to Michael Buble's Christmas CD over and over... I never seem to get tired of it.

And of course, I am reading through my book that was finished. I keep a little notepad beside me so I can take notes on what needs changed. It's all a very exciting process, really.

Christmas time is a time filled with cooking....

And chocolate.... Chocolate coverd peanuts are so good...

And truffles... Mostly truffles.

There's always the occasional baby shower, too.

Today I wrapped presents with my momma and sis while bro and my dad were at work. Heehee...

I had so much fun hanging out with my friends last week at the youth group Christmas party. I'm so blessed.

And my awesome friend Morgan got me my first Dunkachino.... Yum Yum :)))

Last Saturday was cookie baking day. We tried chocolate ones this year... *smiles*

And as always, I had to make a cookie devoted those wonderful red hots. Ahh, the love affair continues.

Jane wanted a cookie to fall off the table so bad.

This was my little red-haired dude. Isn't he cute?

One of the cookies came close to exploding...

(Note... that's not the song I'm writing right now. haha)

Christmas is almost here and I'm so excited. I'll be baking up a storm tomorrow and Saturday... And Sunday?... :) Well, I'm going to be busy, then, too. Tonight I'm going to work on Rebel Yell some more. By the way, I'm writing a soundtrack for it--and I'm very happy with how it's turning out :))) What are your plans for Christmas?

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