I Can't Hardly Stand the Wait! (Please Christmas, Don't be Late)

11:53 AM

All my Christmas shopping is done. I seriously had no idea that shopping was so crazy--I've also decided that I don't really enjoy shopping that much. 'Nuf said.

Christmas is only 5 days away. Can you believe it? That's just ridiculous. I can't wait to see if my parent's like their gifts! Of course, getting to open my own presents will be nice, too.

Friday night was my youth group Christmas party. That was definitely fun. We went to our youth pastor's house and had yummy lasagna (which I absolutely love!), played fun games, and sang the Twelve Days of Christmas. Everyone brought a wrapped gift and so, at the end of the night, we all bid with Monopoly money on which present we wanted. I got the Dunkin Donut's gift card that I brought :) By the way, my awesome friend Morgan got me a Dunkachino the other day. Oh dear, that was pure deliciousness!

The highlight of the week, of course, was on Sunday, when Cassandra came home. We sat together at the linger longer at church. It was pretty cool.

That's about all for now. I still have a few things to take care of before Christmas--I have to print out a picture of my cousin Natalie and I in the haunted house that I took this year *sigh* I looked so goofy :)
Have a Merry Christmas, everyone.

(P.S. I stopped the 25 Blessings of Christmas because things were just getting too crazy, and I want the series to be something I enjoyed, not a burden. So... I stopped. Hope y'all understand.)

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