Heroes Series #2

2:07 PM

George Bailey. If you read my post about "It's a Wonderful Life", you could probably tell that I think George Bailey is just amazing! haha. He always does things for other people; he sent his brother to college after his father died, so he could straighten the family business out; he took his father's place at the building and loans so people wouldn't have to "crawl to Mr. Potter"... he was always doing things for others. And I guess that's why he's a hero.

Han Solo.  He's a rascal in Episode IV... but by Episode V--he was starting to be more gentlemanly. I know lots of girls absolutely hate it when Leia says, "I love you" and Han replies by saying, "I know." But that's Han being Han--I'm not saying it's right... It is kinda cute, though. Why exactly he's one of my heroes, I'm not sure. He is, though. I love how he can be a gentleman and rogue at the same time. Besides Harrison Ford is just super cool. haha.

Now for a Christmas song!

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