December 3rd (that's today)

5:52 PM

What can I say? Christmas is only 22 days away. I'm so ready--and yet I'm not. I'm not ready for the year 2011 to end. It's been such a good year; 2012 is so... unpredictable. But, I'm sure something good will happen in 2012. After all, I get to drive. Haha.

I spent all day with my band--we sang for 7 hours. It was amazing. I am dead tired, though, I'll tell you that. But it was totally worth it. We made four or five videos of us goofing off (oh, excuse me, I mean singing). I'll have to post them sometime.

By the way, my favorite CD at the moment is....

Michael Buble's Christmas CD. His voice is amazing. Seriously, people, he's got real talent. And.... He is one of my favorite singers. Yep :)

Since it's December, I guess you know what that means: the 25 Blessings of Christmas. I'll list the first 3 right now--I was a bad girl and forget to do it yesterday or the day before yesterday. Oops.

1. Michael Buble's Christmas CD. It's seriously awesome.

2. Food. Such as Deviled Eggs, which are sitting in front of me. Oh, they're so tempting.

3. Ibuprofen. Those little pills have helped me so much. Haha. My friend Diana said they would be my best friend when I started getting mouth-work done; she was right.

That just about wraps about everything up. Have a great, cozy, Christmas-y night.

(Michael Buble is seriously amazing, as if his song, Cold December Night.

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