The Day After Christmas

11:40 AM

I'm typing up this post with my new laptop... I still haven't named it yet. But I'm sure something will come to me :)

After playing with my computer all day (while listening to my new CD's--especially the Chris Tomlin CD), we went to hang out with the cousins. This is what happens when guys get hyped up on Christmas cookies. haha 

Londan watched on in amazement at the "big kid's" energy. She stayed up on my (or my sissy's) lap where she would be safe.


I had a very nice Christmas with alll of my may family members. And I'm having a good day-after-Christmas getting acquainted with my computer :) Merry Christmas, folks. I think I'm going to eat and then watch Pirates of the Caribbean.

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  1. I knew you would like Chris Tomlin - he is one of my favorites!


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