Christmas Letters...

7:30 AM

(The 13th blessing of Christmas is--Christmas Letters)

Dear Michael Buble,
I could seriously listen to your Christmas CD for hours. And come to think of it, I have.

Dear Christmas cookies,
I am eagerly awaiting the Saturday when I can bake and eat you.
Dear truffles,
Oh my goodness, you're so amazing. I still remember the first time I had a truffle...

Dear Red Hots,
the love affair continues!!!

Dear snow,
I only want to see you on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. If there could be a blizzard for a week in January, that would possibly be cool, too. Just maybe...

Dear Jack Sparrow,
I forever be your biggest fan.

Dear Josh Groban,
I will always sing your praises. 'Cuz you're awesome. Yep. 

Dear David, Derek, Jackie, Jim, Londan, Natalie and Jacob,
Thanks for being the wonderful cousins, cousin-in-law, and 1st cousin-once-removed that you are! (And Oliver, I can't wait to meet you!)

Dear Christmas movies,
I love you.

Dear piano,
You make my fingers hurt really bad, but I still love you.

Dear Mustang,
I don't think I'll ever own you :( I suppose we were never meant to be ;) Oh well....

Dear Roller Coaster
--we have a love-hate relationship. I have no idea why I love you. I have every reason to hate you. All you do is make me scream and all I get from you is a headache--not to mention an adrenaline rush. Which is actually quite cool.

Dear Mark and Annie,
I know we get on each other's nerves a lot, but I would never trade you--not for all the money in the world.

Dear Christmas lights out front,
for once, I'm happy with how you look. haha. And (here's the shocker!) I didn't break any bulbs.

Dear coffee
--you're steaming hot and you warm me up. Sometimes you also make me hyper... Anyway, I will never give you up!

Dear Christmas,
you're probably my favorite holiday. You're tied with summer as my favorite time of year.

Dear shopping,
I really dislike braving the crowds at Christmas time. I'm always scared I'll get trampled.

Dear Christmas tree,
you are absolutely gorgeous. I just wish the star on top wasn't so crooked

If you actually read all of this--well, you totally have just won me as a friend forever (if you haven't already). Anway, have a great week everyone! : )

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  1. Dear Aunt Kim, I love you so much and baking cookies on Saturday would not be nearly as much fun if you weren' there.

    I think you forgot that one! :)

  2. oh Emily :) You make me smile


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