5:32 PM

Blessing #12. Babies. There's seriously nothing in the world like them.

(She had just caught her first fish)

Cold december nights are so... Cold. I'm a warm weather person (most people know that about me); cold is just annoying--sometimes. At Christmas time, the biting air is welcome. I half enjoy bundling up in a hat and scarf--and of course, boots!

And just a random shout-out: I didn't realize how extremely much teenage guys ate. But now that my bro is thirteen and my cousin Jacob is fourteen--well, I'm just stupified at how much they eat--they never get full. Their stomach's are bottomless pits!

Well, it's supper time now and I have to set the table. But I'm going to leave you with a personal favorite song... Compliments of the Muppets. (Hint: turn off my music player at the bottom of my blog before playing this!)

The Twelve Days of Christmas--The Muppets, with John Denver

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