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Well, today I got my teeth pulled. Other than the fact that I can't feel my top lip or nose, I'm doing fine :)

Thanksgiving is this week. It's hard to believe, isn't it? I have so much to be thankful for. I know that sounds cheesy--everyone says they're thankful around Thanksgiving. If you don't say you're thankful, everyone brands you as ingrate.

I really am thankful, though. And it's my goal to be thankful all year round. Because I've got so many things to be thankful for.

    The Bible.

The Cross. If Jesus hadn't died for us, there would be no way whatsoever that we could go to Heaven.

Londan. I can seriously not begin to explain how much I love this girl! She's so adorable. And I absolutely can't wait until January so I can meet Oliver!

{Pause} Right now I'm really wishing that I could feel my nose and mouth. It's getting annoying. Really annoying.

My Family.This picture was taken so long ago. Haha. We really need to take a new one.

I really enjoy playing volleyball with them.

Friends. I absolutely love having friends that I can be goofy with. Oh boy, the laughs we have.

Love. I'm very blessed--I've got a great family who loves me, and I've got some great friends who love me. Everyone loves love. Seriously, who doesn't? And I love that I'm able to love my family and friends back <3

There's tons more to be thankful for. Maybe I'll post them tomorrow :) Thanks for reading.

P.S. I updated My Dictionary! Go check it out :)
I've got really great friends. I love them all so much!
Ain't they awesome?

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