ABC's of Thanks

2:43 PM

A--Alphabet Cookies. They're actually very good!

B--Babies. Who doesn't love to hold a plump little baby and kiss their soft little cheeks, or hold their sweet little hands?

C--Christmas. It is my most favorite time of year, other than summer.


E--"Extra" gum (ya know, the brand?). I love the mint-chocolate chip ice-cream flavor :)
F--Family. Seriously, family is my favorite thing on this whole planet! I'll I need is my family and I'm happy.

G--Grace. Where would we all be without grace?

H--Happiness. I'm thankful that I'm very happy!

I--Ice-covered snow. I love going to the hill in the cornfield and snowboarding. Of course, I usually fall and hurt myself. But it's still fun. The ice makes the board go fast ;) Also, I'm very thankful for Ibuprofen. haha

J--Jesus died on the Cross for me.

K--Kit-Kats. Oh yeah. Awsomeness.
L--Love. I'm so glad my family loves me. At least, that's why they say ;)

M--My Band Mates. Seriously, Morgan and Bethanie are amazing and the times we have together are awesome. It's really cool making music and being BFFs with them <3

N--Not having to get anymore teeth pulled! lol

O--Omlets. They are sooo good.


Q--Quiet. I like quietness. Surprised? It's true. Silence is golden :)

R--Rest. Isn't it nice after a long day's work to fall in bed and sleep?

S--Siblings. Yep, I've gotten to the point in my life where I am sooo thankful for my bro and sis. They are my best friends. Yeah, they get on my nerves. But I get on theirs. Allll the tiiime.
T--Truffles. It's. A. Piece. Of. Heaven.

U--Uplifting songs. You know, songs like, You Raise Me Up.
V--Video Cameras. They come in handy to capture memories. Or to blackmail your siblings. Just kidding :D
W--Walks in the rain. Even though I'm tried of all the rain that we've had this year (our road has been closed since forever), I still enjoy walking in the rain.
X--X-rays. Yeah. Life might just be rough without them.
Y--Youth Group. We have so much fun. Here's a hint, though. When you play Spoons with the teens... be prepared for craziness. haha it's so fun! :) 

Z--Zany-ness. Mm-hm.

I hope y'all have a perfectly wonderful Thanksgiving! Now I'm going to go eat a chocolate cookies with peanut-butter chips. Mm-Mm :)

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