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3:18 PM

While I am terribly missing summer, I am enjoying autumn. A lot. It's been beautiful this week. The temperature is in the 60's, we have a perfect blue sky--with no clouds!--and the sun has been shining. This is probably the most beautiful week of the whole year.

My maple tree turned a stunning red last week. Now, there are hardly any leaves left.

 Ashlyn Sound had a photo-shoot recently--it was fun, to say the least. Didn't my brother do a good job as photographer?

There is no doubt it--this is my favorite picture of them all (there's like... 100...).

 I had to edit this one--we were being our goofy selves without even meaning to. I must say, though: you have ten times more fun when you're goofing off :))))

 Living where I do is a big blessing. I personally think that it's the most beautiful place on earth. Right now, I'm looking out my window and sitting in awe of the pure-blue sky. It couldn't get any more perfect.

 Really, I feel like I'm living in a dream world. It's easy to imagine that I am, what with all this beauty.

Plaid + blue jeans= awesomeness.

My days have been filled with sunlight and laughter. The grass is green, the air is fresh, and everything is literally perfect. I feel like I'm wearing out the words "awesome" and "beautiful"; but there is no other way to describe this week. There are no words whatsoever to describe it. So I'm stuck with saying that,
This week has been awesomely beautiful.

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  1. I love the pictures of Ashlyn Sound! :) Especially the B&W one!


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