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I've been in a writing mood lately. Maybe it's the crisp October air...maybe it's the rain... either way, I'm in the mood just the same. Which is good. I love this mood. Absolutely. Love. It.

Here's a few excerpts. Sometimes, when I read over them, I wonder how I could have written such monstrosities.

Things seemed to be moving fast. Then, Jack’s letters suddenly stopped coming. On July 22nd, the newspapers were all about the battle the day before, in Manassas, Virginia. A letter came from Jack a week later.
“It was all confusion; some forgot to fire their rifles; others shot the fellow soldiers by accident.      And the southerners let out such yells as to chill the blood in your veins. I’m starting to think that no one has any idea what they’re doing.”

Andrew went back across the room and sat down. Elsie eventually finished her letter and stopped to think over what she was doing. For the second time, she was doing something that might be wrong. But it couldn’t be; she was helping so many people. It wasn’t selfish.
     An eternity later, Elsie glanced outside. It was pitch black, and only enough moonlight to see a few feet ahead. Perfect.A quick nod of the head told Andrew it was time to go. Elsie checked to make sure Peter was asleep; then she and Andrew saddled their horses and flew into the darkness.

Ten miles away lay the Maryland border. As they urged their horses on, Elsie couldn’t believe what she and her brother were doing.

She then looked towards Lee. Lee, her oldest cousin, a lieutenant, a gentleman; at least, he had been. Elsie felt like she was sitting behind a perfect stranger. Lee had once been her favorite cousin; he had been the biggest influence in her life. She still loved him, of course. But Lee used to be a laughing, loving boy. Days with Lee were filled with picnics and singing; a smile was always on his face. What had happened to Lee? Elsie wondered. The face she saw now was full of bitterness; his eyes were full of mocking hatred.

Elsie gave up. She didn’t understand what had happened to Lee. He would usually have asked her for each dance. So many things confused her. Nothing confused her more, though, than what had happened at West Point. Lee was a brilliant leader; he always had been. A fierce fighter, an intelligent strategist. But not only was Lee ahead academically, he had been a great human being. Then, something happened. Lee started to slide backwards in his grades; he broke the rules. He was caught gambling—and worst of all, he had struck an officer. That was Lee’s last chance. He was discharged from West Point and sent home. That had hurt Lee’s boundless pride.

I can't wait to get to the climax. And yet I'm scared to. It's a confusing mix of feelings. I hope you enjoyed this post :)

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  1. You are so incredibly talented, Emily! Never stop writing!


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