Star Wars Truths

1:43 PM

I cannot tell a lie. My friend has totally got me into Star Wars. Haha. I wanted to share these "truths" with you :)

                                        Haha. So true ^_^

                          It's true. I watched the show once. Totally. Ruins. The Star Wars. Saga.                             

It is sad. Poor Luke.

LOL I don't know if I would say that. I might not be so obsessed with Anakin and Obi-Wan...LOL

Haha. I agree. I just wanna run up to him and say,"Ya know what? You totally messed up everyone's lives! Everything would've been fine if it weren't for you!" But I guess he knew that....

I don't wish he had killed Padme. It's sad enough that he chooked her. Now, if I were Padme, I might have tried to smack some sense into Anakin. Or, maybe I would have acted like Padme. Probably the last one. LOL. I'm like her in that way.

I wouldn't say that he "rose above it". He had a few anger issues in the end. Remember how he nearly killed his dad?

Hmmm.... He was a good bad guy!

Haha, not true. That's the least of my worries. LOL if my future husband liked Star Wars, that would be nice. But I really don't care.

I don't really think it's before my generation. And I haven't been obsessed with Star Wars my whole life. I wouldn't even say that I'm truly obsessed now. Well....I might be a little obsessed with Anakin and          Obi-Wan ;) 

I thought that this was hilarious.

And for the last one the truest one of all. Obi-Wan would make an amazing husband. He's funny, and courageous, and always tries to do the right thing, and amazing and awesome. Can anyone top that?

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