2:30 PM

I know I've been blessed. Sometimes, though, I forget and start to take things for granted.

But I know I am incredibly blessed when I hear my baby cousin's laughter. I know I'm blessed when I'm hanging out with my friends.

I know I'm blessed when I sit down to Christmas dinner and joke around with my cousins and aunts and uncles and everyone else. I know I'm blessed when I walk into church and people say hi to me.

I know I'm blessed when I hear someone lost their job and I look at all my wonderful luxuries. Or when I see starving children in Africa and I'm buying an ice-cream cone with colored sprinkles.

And I wonder....How could I ever forget this? And more importantly...How can I make myself remember? I know that I've got to. Somehow.

I'm terribly, wonderfully, insanely, blessed. The LORD has been so good to me. And I need to remember that.

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