Star Wars: You Either Love or Hate it

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Today I had a great time with Ashlyn Sound! We all got together and watched Star Wars Episode II--it was the first time Morgan and Bethanie had ever seen a Star Wars movie! Afterwards, we played around with a few songs, and I worked on singing a little louder and more confidently--that's a problem of mine. I'm not confident enough when I sing, almost like I'm scared of my own voice. Which isn't good when you're a musician!

So, since I'm in a Star Wars mood, I though I'd take a little time to tell y'all about it : ) There are ten main reasons I like Star Wars:

  • Anakin is cute : )
  • Obi-Wan is awesome : )
  • There are some good issues in it (the ends don't justify the means)
  • Yoda is cool
  • There are some funny scenes!
  • Good triumphs over evil
  • I can relate to it
  • The later ones have Harrison Ford in it
  • John Williams is one of my favorite composers
  • It's just awesome. I love the plot

There are good guys and bad guys in this movie. The ultimate bad guy for me growing up was Darth Vadar (and I hadn't even seen a Star Wars movie!). I remember playing "Life-Saver" (lightsaber) with my brother. He was Luke, and I was Leia (or as I called her, "Princess Donut-Ears". After we got tired of fighting imaginary people with our baseball bats (excuse me, "Life-Savers"), we tried to get my older cousin David to be "Dark" Vader (then we found out it was Darth Vadar--and we decided that was a stupid name--Dark was better).

I had no idea about Darth Vadar. When I watched the original Star Wars movies, I though Darth Vadar was just a mean old guy who hated his kids and loved evil. Then I watched Episodes I, II, and III. Suddenly, I started to understand Anakin Skywalker. It's true, the ends do not justify the means; but Darth Vadar was more than a top-notch evil guy. He was a confused man, who loved a little too much. He had a dark streak in him that destroyed his life, and the life of pretty much everyone else around him. (That picture reminds me so much of me and my brother--and even me and my cousin Jacob! The three of us are all like Luke, Leia, and Hans!)

I absolutely love Star Wars. People either love or hate it, and I'm one who loves it [no, I'm not one of those obsessed weird people...that much ;)  ] There's something for everyone in the series; a love story, action, drama... and the score is beautiful! Plus, it reminds me that attachment is not always a good thing. Loving someone or something too much can be a big problem. It can lead to disaster, as Anakin's love for Padme (and power) shows clearly. Not only does it affect Anakin's family, but the whole Jedi order, and the galaxy. He had the chance to kill the Emperor...but he gave it up because of...greed. 

If you haven't seen these movies then I suggest to watch them soon! You'll either love or hate them--hopefully love them : ) They are awesome movies to watch in the dark!

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