Rebel Yell is Coming A Long Way....

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I have been busy writing (and now I'm trying to arrange some Christmas songs for Ashlyn Sound). I'm so excited about Rebel Yell--I can't wait till it's done and I can hold my whole story in front of me, flip through the pages, and see the lives of my characters unfold before me. It's a wonderful thought.....

I'm not too happy with my beginning. It doesn't seem to pull readers in. That's going to take work (my beginnings always do). When I pick up my book one of the things that keeps me reading is to criticize myself--and because I wrote it : )

Elsie Hatton stood staring at the Appalachian Mountains, breathing in the crisp December air. The week hadn’t started too well. It was Christmas Eve and four days earlier, South Carolina had seceded from the United States of America. That had caused quite a stir at the Hatton household; the Hatton’s southern cousins had come for Christmas and they were elated. But Elsie had bad feeling about it…
See what I mean? It's kind of rough. Hopefully the second draft will be better! I have always wondered why I'm so into the Civil War. Seriously. I guess it's because of the dresses and the pure souther-ness [ : ) ] of it. I love the blue and the gray; something intrigues me about brothers fighting against brothers--about a men who turned on their own country men. People still argue what the war was about. Was it about slavery? Was it about state's rights? Or was it about Southern dignity?

I love writing this book because it's the perfect story for me (and there are multiple other reasons!) First off, I love getting thrills, and lots of action. This has action in it--there's even somewhat of a mystery, with a dash of danger. This has some heart rending scenes in it--lots of things that have been heart breaking for the writer! I hate how my favorite characters have to die. Only the good die young. There's also somewhat of a love story in this : ) Seriously, folks, how could I write a story with no romance in it? Heehee : )

This book is so fun for me to write. I absolutely love my characters, and I love the plot. But as L.M. Montgomery's one character puts it, "If only there was not such a chasm between seeing a thing and getting it down on paper!"

Beau turned on Elsie.
     “Elsie, have you forgotten your past? Have you forgotten everything you loved and would’ve died for in a second? I never though you, of all people, would turn traitor.”
     “Yes, you’re a traitor!”
     “I’ve moved on, that’s all!”
     “That’s all?” Beau, now calmed down, sat next to Elsie. “You seem to have turned your back on everything.”
     “Beay, I haven’t turned my back on it. But I need to forget.”
     Beau took a deep breath and looked into Elsie’s blue eyes.
     “So the answer is no?”
     “I need to think about it,” Elsie answered.
     Elsie left and ran up to her room, where she spent the next half hour crying.

One of my most favorite character's in my story is Beau Cotton. At first, his name was Edward. I decided to change his name because of a new teen vampire craze.... I didn't want any connection between this amazing Southern gentlemen and that glittering weakling. Moving on.... I knew that I needed a name that had been around for a while; so, I looked in a baby name book and found this name. It fits my character so well. Beau Cotton is just awesome. He's passionate about what he believes in, he's a gentleman... Just a great guy (and I just love southern drawls.....) He has been so fun to paint : )

Soon, I hope to post some more excerpts. And also some other stuff that I don't have time for now--it's supper time. I hope y'all have a grrrreat week!

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