The Last Week...

7:30 PM

So today was really fun. I had a good last week of summer. Today, five neighbor kids came over and we all played Apples to Apples--I love that game :) After we all watched one of the other kids totally dominate the game-- : /  --we decided we had a really fun time and went our separate ways. My brother's two good friends stayed after the game, though, to listen to the Little League World Series International Championship game on the radio. We had started out on the front porch, but we eventually ended up in the basement, playing the game of LIFE. That was cool. I had a really good job : )

Last night I went to a Youth Activity with Morgan--that was fun. Even if I did get my feet torn up. Right before we left for the activity, we wrote a song together. That, of course, was awesome. Other highlights of the week... I read a really good book called, "The Quicksilver Pool"... And....

I got over my writer's block, which I have had for the longest time! Yesterday, I decided that I needed to push myself to write, even if I didn't want to--because, how else would my story ever get finished? I just couldn't leave my characters hanging, waiting for the Civil War to end. That just wouldn't be right. So, yesterday morning I sprawled myself across my bed with notebooks and pens surrounding me, as I always do when I write seriously. I added quite a few more pages. I wrote some more today. I'm getting to an exciting part, and I don't want to stop. It's awesome.

That's all for now. Hopefully I can put an excerpt on here : )

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