I Don't Know Why I'm Posting This

5:01 PM

My favorite sport is baseball (in the fall, I love listening to football, too). I love sitting on the bleachers, or at home and listening to the smack of the ball against a wooden bat. I love the smell of my old leather baseball glove...I love the sound of a ball coming into the catcher's glove, or an ump hoarsely screaming,"Strrrrrike three!" There's something awesome about that. Even when my brother wakes me up early in the morning to say who won in the MLB the night before.

I love how the team has to actually be a team. My brother has told me before that it's great to be able to know the team so well that you know where they are going to throw before they throw the ball. I remember the one year his team was like that and it was so cool to see those guys play and interact with each other!


Also, baseball isn't just a bunch of guys running around a field throwing balls back and forth, or guys hitting balls. A pitcher has to have good mechanics. A batter has to have good form. Baseball is a game of strategy and that makes it awesome. To me, it's the all American sport : )

                      The team this year made me so proud of my hometown. The coaches were awesome!

 And of course, my bro is the best player ever! Seriously, he's an awesome pitcher (everyone was making a big deal out of him and I was just beaming with pride!).

                                                               Isn't baseball awesome?

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  1. heyyyyy emily! you took a lot of good pictures to put in this post. though the best pics are probably of mark up to bat.... he's getting so much taller!

  2. Isn't he though?! He's already taller than me and my mom! (Not that that's a great accomplishment or even that hard!) Thanks!


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