Day 1 of 180

10:31 PM

Well, my first day of my sophmore year went quite well. Only 179 days left to go. Let's see... What are other highlights of the week?

    My dear friend Cassandra is leaving for college on Friday... It was really sad, seeing her for the last time. We (Cassandra, me, and some other girls) decided to get our picture taken together for the last time in a while. ---Photo by Miss Morgan :)--

                                                    I made an excursion back to the cornfield.

   There's something completely wonderful about cornfields. I feel so at home... The blue skies, the tall stalks... the tassels blowing in the wind...

                                  Sadly, my camera battery went dead shortly after I got back there.

I'm gonna to do a photo shoot back there sometime : )

My summer has been great. Even if I haven't got a decent picture of my brother yet.

                      Yes, I'm happy with this summer. Maybe sometime I can actually finish my scrapbook.

Have a great week, everyone : )

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