The Changing of a Story

10:29 AM

Summer is so wonderfully fun. I've helped out at VBS, had a party with my family, hung out with great friends, and just goofed off. Not to mention, written some new songs, and added to Rebel Yell.

Rebel Yell opens in Gettysburg, on Christmas Eve, 1860. The main character is sixteen year-old Elsie Hatton, who has to deal with the tension between the town and her southern cousins (who have come for Christmas) and now the surprise visit of her
childhood friend (also from the south). At a Christmas ball in town, a fight breaks out between the Southerners and Northerners--Elsie knew then that things were changing rapidly.

Finding herself caught in the midst of war, Elsie has to think of a way to occupy herself; her older brothers are now fighting against her cousins--the women of Gettysburg all look down on her--and everything she loves is being destroyed.

She finds a way to console herself--only to be accused of a terrible crime. Elsie must prove her innocence and try to pick up the pieces of what's left of her life.

This story started out as just an idea; "there was once two families who had a part in the War Between the States, they had a few choices to make, THE END." But now it's so much more. I'm realizing as I write this that beneath the plot lies a truth that wasn't originally in the outline: No matter what we try to do, nothing can give us peace and happiness but God. This wasn't supposed to be a "Christian novel"--of course, it was going to be clean. But then I found so many opportunities opening up for me. My one character kept searching--searching for something that he couldn't find in fighting, or hate, or alcohol. But he did find piece in one Book. He found peace and happiness--he found something worthwhile--in God.

I'm so excited to be writing Rebel Yell. I'm really getting nervous though, because I've come so far in this book--farther than any other book. It's very nerve wracking. And that in itself is scary, because I want to get this far in a book. I'm almost to my climax. I've still got a few things to explain, though. I want everything to fall into place smoothly--so I've got to take my time!

Have a great week everybody! Right now, I've got to go play Wii with my family!

<3 Emily : )

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