The Ultimate Friends

2:30 PM

Yesterday was the best Fourth of July of my whole life. The day started when Ashlyn Sound (plus my brother and sister) got together for a picnic and a swim. Then we watched the movie Lemonade Mouth. It was awesome! One of my favorite movies ever! It's about a band (we had to watch it together, you see). Afterwords, we went our separate ways for dinner, then met back for volleyball and a campfire--at which we sang songs to guitar music and roasted marshmellows. We never did read the Declaration of Independence. 

After watching Lemonade Mouth and spending a whole day with friends, I felt like it was the best day ever. Friends truly are gifts from God. I've got awesome friends who love me even though there are so many things wrong with me. I've got friends who are still my friends even though I walk into doors, trip, knock things over (yes, I'm kind of clumsy), am super crazy, come up with crazy adventures, and when I have to sing a solo in Ashlyn Sound....well, let's just say that I get really nervous. But even though I'm a crazy writer and musician, they all love me. And I love them. More than words could ever tell.

And that's only a shadow of what Jesus is to Christians. He is my very best Friend. He loves me even though it was my sin that nailed Him to a cross. He loves me even though I sin against Him. He forgives me repeatedly. He died for me. It's safe to say that Jesus Christ is the ultimate friend. I'm not saying the disrespectfully. I want the point to come across.

I am so thankful for Jesus. And I am so thankful for my friends. If your reading this, than I hope you guys know that I could fill up a blog of how much I love you guys.

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