Rebel: Book 1

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Brynn Mason was the type of girl who would run outside during an air raid, unlike the rest of the girls who screamed and fainted....

I thought I'd tell you a little bit about my Rebel Saga (it's a working title). It's set twenty years from now. I seriously have no idea how I came up with it. One day I wondered what America might be like twenty or fifty years from now. And Rebel was the result.

The government is totally messed up--America is now known as a Communist country. But somewhere, out in the countryside, families from across the country are preparing for war. They start training. The government publishes in the newspapers that they will rid the country of these "rebels" soon; a few fights or so and all will be fine. They are greatly mistaken, though. The rebels may be outnumbered, but they are growing--and fierce.

The two main characters are Brynn Mason, and Riley Kale (Brynn more than Riley). The are so much alike--and that's why they are always fighting. Brynn's father was the one who brought the Rebels together. But the government killed both him and Brynn's mother when she was a baby. So, her two older cousins, Vince and Erik, are her guardians. She is raised, though, by her mother's friend, Mrs. Kale. And that how she becomes best friends with Riley Kale (Mrs. Kale's son).

Both Brynn and Riley are kind of dark. The saga is the story of the Rebels fight for freedom--for their America. But it's also the story of how the fighting impacts Riley and Brynn. I've noticed that Brynn changes for the better; in the first book, she is really rebellious, and maybe even somewhat bitter. She could be sweet, but she took after her father in the fact that she was extremely belligerent. Riley, on the other hand, is always very...oh how do I describe it?.... (I really don't know!)....brooding? He keeps to himself in a bitter kind of way. He's sarcastic, proud, arrogant....but don't think that he's not likable! He's got a great sense of humor. And he's extremely loyal.

Brynn and Riley are best friends--but it doesn't always seem like that; there's always tension between them. And part of that is because they are both stubborn and proud. Riley's has a way of looking at you--just the way he acts--that makes Brynn feel insignificant. And she hates that. She admits to herself that it's probably because everyone is nothing compared to Riley. He's the best at everything. But then, Brynn is, too. And Riley sticks up for her.

In book 2, Brynn is a lot different. It shows the sweeter side of her. Both she and Riley have matured by book two. Book 1 is kind of introducing the Rebels, and showing how the government gets worse--also some telling about why it is the way it is. Book 2 sees Riley and Brynn leaving the Rebel HQ to help out with the war (it takes place about two years after the  first book).

There is a bad guy in this. For once I actually have a bad guy in a story!!! Before, the bad guy was always something like a government, or war. But I have a shady character who...well, I can't tell you, because it would ruin the story!

Have a grrrrreaat day! And tell me what you think!

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  1. I love this idea and I can't wait to read it in print someday!


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