The Lake

12:15 PM

Well, Sunday was our annual family reunion. I must say, I had a great time with my cousins!

 Annie and Londan, of course, sat next to each other during our delicious lunch. Londan has to be the cutest toddler around!!!

Then David did awesome at his first time water skiing....

I tried it next. One thing is off my bucket list!!! I'm sad to say, though,
that I was only ever up for three or four seconds. But it was
still fun. I decided that I like tubing better, though.

Nikki tried, too. She did a great job, but everyone says they think
the skies were too big. I guess Nikki and I will just have to get taller!

A lot of time was spent just hanging out in the water.
That was fun : ) Even if the guys were tossing around lake-weed.

Of course, I had a ton of fun trying to take pictures.

Aren't lakes pretty?

Now, it's off to make brownies. I promised my family I would : ) Have a great day!

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