Everything Seems Insignificant

9:16 AM

It seriously feels like summer is flying by. The whole year is flying by. Wasn't I just with my cousins celebrating New Year's? What's with all this craziness? One of my favorite passages in the Bible, James 4:13-14, talks about this very thing.Then I start to think: there's so little time on earth, and so much to do.

So often I get caught up in my life. "My life"? Something sounds wrong there. God gave me the life--He gave me my breath, my beating heart. And when I asked Him into my heart, I gave my life to Him. So it's not my life. But sometimes I seem to forget that. I get too wrapped up in things that don't really matter. Like, my music. Or my writing. Or my social life. So many times I've postponed my devotions to go write a song--"quickly" of course. When will I ever learn that my career and dreams mean nothing? Yes, I can use those dreams and goals for the LORD, but when those dreams and goals start to take over that's when I need to stop and rethink my priorities.

So many times this summer I have said that I want to have a very set-apart summer. A set-apart year. I want people to say that they see Jesus in me. Right now, I have to say that this is my biggest goal. Yes, I do want my music and writing to go far. But more than that, I want to live for God. My outlook on life has changed hugely in the past few months. Everything seems insignificant when you start to think that Jesus died for us. Everything seems insignificant when you start to think that our time on earth is short. Everything seems insignificant when we realize that our purpose on this earth is to glorify God. As Christians, we can't sit around twiddling our thumbs. We're supposed to lead others to Christ. Another verse I love is the one that says that, "the harvest is plenty, but the laborers are few" (the reference escapes me at the moment, and it's not a direct quote).

That means that there are millions of people who have never been washed in the blood of Jesus. And that means that there are millions of people of their way to Hell--it is a real place whether you believe it or not. But there is hope for those people. Jesus is able to work in people's hearts--He is able to do anything! We are supposed to share the Gospel. Have you ever seen one of those skits where two friends are killed--one is saved and the other is unsaved--and the unsaved friend cries (as the Devil takes him away) "Why didn't you ever tell me?!" Every time I feel like I need to witness to someone and try to shake it off, I try to ask myself, "What if you're the only one who every shares it with them? What if you're their last chance?" It's really a sobering thought.

Everything seems so insignificant. Everything. All that matters is God. That will never change. Compared to my purpose in being here, things such as texting, or blogging, or even writing, seem so foolish. So as I end this post, I'm trying to keep in mind my one word for 2011: Purpose. Because next to God's purpose, everything else is insignificant.

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  1. this was a really long post:) i feel the same way. life is going by so fast

  2. Haha thanks. I know it's long, I just can't help myself. Love ya, Sarah.

  3. So proud of the beautiful woman you are becoming!


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