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First of all, before I start this tag, as I was reading my Bible today, I came along a verse in Psalms that said that God is our keeper--and He never slumbers. That verse just really spoke to me, and I wanted to share that. Isn't it great to know that the Keeper of our souls--of our very lives, world and existence--never slumbers! He always knows what's going on!


1. I pick four characters
2. I make my characters answer these questions
3. I tag four people

I'm going to pick my main character of Rebel Yell, Elsie, my two MC's of the Rebel Series, Brynn and Riley, and the MC of My Meadow Series, Ella (her name is a work in progress).

Do you want a hug?
Elsie: Sure! I don't care if Gettysburg sees.
Brynn: Not really. I'm not much of a hugger.
Riley: No. Any display of emotion is weakness.
Ella: Yes! I love hugs!

Do you have any kids?
Elsie: No.
Brynn: No. And hopefully not for a while, I've got too much to do.
Riley: No. That's a stupid question....
Ella: I can't wait till I do!

Have you killed anyone?
Elsie: No. But I've broken someone's heart. So in a way.....yes.
Brynn: Yes. I'm a born fighter.
Riley: Many times. I'm a soldier, dude. Oh, sorry. Dudette *smirk*
Ella: No. And I don't ever plan to.

Love anyone?
Elsie: Yes. And can you love two people at once?
Brynn: My cousins are like brothers, so I love them.... Do you mean...romantically?
Riley: That's crazy. Me? *how-could-you-think-that-expression*
Ella: I don't feel like answering that.

What is your job?
Elsie: There's a war--no time for work. Besides, my brothers do all the work on our farm. I just act as hostess.
Brynn: I have to help in the hospital because my cousins won't let girls fight. *crosses arms*
Riley: I already told you: I'm a soldier in the Rebel army.
Ella: I don't have a job. But I want to be a writer.

Favorite season?
Elsie: *dreamily* A southern summer......
Brynn: It doesn't matter to me.
Riley: I don't think I have one.
Ella: Summer!

Who's your best friend?
Elsie: Lina Frayser. And uh.... *swallows* *shyly*: Well, Lt. Sumpter is nice, too....
Brynn: Riley.
Riley: Brynn, I guess.
Ella: Danielle : ) 

Elsie: I don't have too many. That's sad.....
Brynn: I like to target practice with guns.
Riley: Same thing as Brynn. I also like to machete fight with her--the blades are blunted, of course.
Ella: Writing!!!

What are you going to do when this tag is over?

Elsie: Probably go write a letter to my brothers. They haven't answered in a while...
Brynn: Go practice some target shooting. *to Riley* You up for it?
Riley: *to Brynn* Sure. *back to us* Same thing as Brynn. Also, maybe hang out with the guys. *ducks as Brynn throws a roll of bandages at him*
Ella: I have absolutely no idea. Go hang out with friends?

Okay... What is your eye color?
Elsie: Light blue/ dark gray.
Brynn: It's hard to tell, they're so dark. LOL. Almost black. Let me see.....Dark brown.
Riley: Ocean blue. And Brynn is totally right. *quickly*: Not that I pay attention to her eyes...
Ella: Blue/green/gray.

Are you good? Or bad?
Elsie: Some people say I'm good, some people say I'm a trouble maker.
Brynn: I'm good.
Riley: Good. I'm fighting for good, too.
Ella: I'm a good person, as far as the world's standards go, I guess.

What is your greatest fear?
Elsie: *looks off into the distance* That something will happen to my brothers as they fight.
Brynn: That the Rebel Cause will crumble--that it will be destroyed.
Riley: Same as Brynn. But we won't ever let that happen.
Ella: That something will happen to the ones I love.

What do you think of your parents?
Elsie: My parents are dead. My father was stubborn, and my mother was a beauty. But I loved them both.
Brynn: I never knew my parents. My cousins Erik and Vince raised me. Along with Riley's mom.
Riley: My dad died a few years ago....*shakes it off* My mom is nice. *starts to drift away in thought with a slight smile on face*
Ella: They are both wonderful. I know that they love me.

Any siblings?
Elsie: Yes. A wonderful older brother named Jack, another older brother, Joe, Andrew, who is younger than me--a trouble maker!--and my darling baby-of-the-family, Peter.
Brynn: No.
Riley: I can't remember. ;) Just joking. My older brother is Aaron and then there's young Patrick and the two baby twins.
Ella: Yes, I'm the oldest. I have two younger siblings.

Was it fun to answer all these questions?

Elsie: I suppose so.
Brynn: Yeah, it gave me something to do.
Riley: Yeah, I guess.
Ella: Mm-Hm.

Sure thing... Do you have any weaknesses?
Elsie: Yes, I suppose so.
Brynn: *looks at Riley* Maybe.
Riley: No. Maybe two or three. I guess.
Ella: Yes.
Your favorite element?
Elsie: Huh? Do you mean...I don't understand.
Brynn: Don't really know....
Riley: Well, since everyone else seem to not be answering, I guess I won't.
Ella: Huh?

Do you care what others think of you?
Elsie: No, not really.
Brynn: *glance at Riley* No. *mumbling*: Maybe one or two.....
Riley: Nope. *steals a glance at Brynn*
Ella: Yes and no. Mostly yes, I guess. LOL

Your theme song?
Elsie: To Where You Are byJosh Groban. And many others!
Brynn: There is probably no song to desribe me.
Riley: Same here. Come to think of it, Conquer the World by Ashlyn Sound?
Ella: Ghosts of the Past? The Climb? Too many to count!

What's your species?
Elsie: Human.
Brynn: Human, duh.
Riley: What's with these questions!? Human!!!
Ella: Um, I'm pretty sure I'm human : )

Now, I tag....

Anyone who plays the piano....
Those who love to swim...
Those who have neighbors...
Those are love their state....

And remember: even if you don't write, you can use a character from your favorite movie or book. Or you can still make up a character just for this post! You all have great imaginations! Use them!


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  1. all four of your tags worked for me cuz i play the piano, i love to swim, i have neighbors, and i love my state!

  2. Lol--yes, I planned on trying to get everyone! Haha, I'm so nasty! Heehee


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