A Great Summer? I Think So.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

This week is VBS. I can't say that I'm not excited, but I can't say that I am. I've got mixed feelings; it's really hot, I'm tired, school is kind of starting next week, and I've got a ton of songs that I have to finish. But I got two things off my bucket list this summer, so I guess it isn't that bad : )

Our theme for VBS this year is cars--right up my alley! It's sad that they just came out with this, because I would've enjoyed this a lot when I was little. My family has always been into cars, and I guess it rubbed off. I am excited for the racing theme, I can tell you that! Next year they need a ford truck theme! : ))))

As my summer draws to a close, I've been trying to think what the highlights of my summer have been. Well, I've got stuff off my bucket list, like I already said; I have spent a lot of time with family; but they biggest thing that happened to me this summer was that I became closer to my Savior.

I feel happier than I have in a long time. I feel a zeal for God that I haven't known before--and it's awesome. I've come across so many verses that get me all excited when I read them. One morning, as I was reading in Psalms, I came across a verse that said that God will never slumber. I was so excited! I looked through all my contacts in my phone to see who I could text this verse to--no one was available, of course. But it was still an amazing feeling. And every time I sing the song In Christ Alone, I am left in awe of everything that God has done for me. He sent His Son to die on the cross; and Jesus could've called a thousand angles to His side--but He stayed on that cross because He loved me, and wanted me and everyone else in this world to come to live with Him in Heaven one day. I can't wait!!

I can't believe how much that God has given me. I've got a wonderful family who loves me and has raised me in a Christian home; I've got great friends that are actually friends; I live in a beautiful state; and I go to a wonderful church where they preach the truth.

My one word for 2011 was Purpose. I wanted to remember that I had a purpose here on earth. Now, that word means so much more. I want to live set-apart; I want to live the way God wants me to live; I want to be a girl on a mission--the mission of reaching lost souls, who are on their way to hell. I can't think of too many things that I want as much as to hear people say that they saw Jesus in me. Isn't that the ultimate compliment?! If someone said that to me, I would probably burst into tears of joy--because that is one of my biggest goals: to live in such a way, that people would be pointed right to Christ. I want my life to have a purpose.

Maybe this summer wasn't the best as far as getting things done. Maybe you're saying, "So she got a few things off her bucket list--what kind of summer is that?" Well, maybe this wasn't an amazing summer by the world's standards; but this has been the most productive, powerful, amazing, summer spiritually. I have grown so much closer to God. And that makes this one of the best summers--if not the best--ever.

Please note: If you ever want to talk about God, just drop me a line! And if you have never been saved, or don't know, please don't hesitate to call me or text me.You never know when the LORD will return. Are you ready?

The Lake

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Well, Sunday was our annual family reunion. I must say, I had a great time with my cousins!

 Annie and Londan, of course, sat next to each other during our delicious lunch. Londan has to be the cutest toddler around!!!

Then David did awesome at his first time water skiing....

I tried it next. One thing is off my bucket list!!! I'm sad to say, though,
that I was only ever up for three or four seconds. But it was
still fun. I decided that I like tubing better, though.

Nikki tried, too. She did a great job, but everyone says they think
the skies were too big. I guess Nikki and I will just have to get taller!

A lot of time was spent just hanging out in the water.
That was fun : ) Even if the guys were tossing around lake-weed.

Of course, I had a ton of fun trying to take pictures.

Aren't lakes pretty?

Now, it's off to make brownies. I promised my family I would : ) Have a great day!

Character Tag

Thursday, July 14, 2011

First of all, before I start this tag, as I was reading my Bible today, I came along a verse in Psalms that said that God is our keeper--and He never slumbers. That verse just really spoke to me, and I wanted to share that. Isn't it great to know that the Keeper of our souls--of our very lives, world and existence--never slumbers! He always knows what's going on!


1. I pick four characters
2. I make my characters answer these questions
3. I tag four people

I'm going to pick my main character of Rebel Yell, Elsie, my two MC's of the Rebel Series, Brynn and Riley, and the MC of My Meadow Series, Ella (her name is a work in progress).

Do you want a hug?
Elsie: Sure! I don't care if Gettysburg sees.
Brynn: Not really. I'm not much of a hugger.
Riley: No. Any display of emotion is weakness.
Ella: Yes! I love hugs!

Do you have any kids?
Elsie: No.
Brynn: No. And hopefully not for a while, I've got too much to do.
Riley: No. That's a stupid question....
Ella: I can't wait till I do!

Have you killed anyone?
Elsie: No. But I've broken someone's heart. So in a way.....yes.
Brynn: Yes. I'm a born fighter.
Riley: Many times. I'm a soldier, dude. Oh, sorry. Dudette *smirk*
Ella: No. And I don't ever plan to.

Love anyone?
Elsie: Yes. And can you love two people at once?
Brynn: My cousins are like brothers, so I love them.... Do you mean...romantically?
Riley: That's crazy. Me? *how-could-you-think-that-expression*
Ella: I don't feel like answering that.

What is your job?
Elsie: There's a war--no time for work. Besides, my brothers do all the work on our farm. I just act as hostess.
Brynn: I have to help in the hospital because my cousins won't let girls fight. *crosses arms*
Riley: I already told you: I'm a soldier in the Rebel army.
Ella: I don't have a job. But I want to be a writer.

Favorite season?
Elsie: *dreamily* A southern summer......
Brynn: It doesn't matter to me.
Riley: I don't think I have one.
Ella: Summer!

Who's your best friend?
Elsie: Lina Frayser. And uh.... *swallows* *shyly*: Well, Lt. Sumpter is nice, too....
Brynn: Riley.
Riley: Brynn, I guess.
Ella: Danielle : ) 

Elsie: I don't have too many. That's sad.....
Brynn: I like to target practice with guns.
Riley: Same thing as Brynn. I also like to machete fight with her--the blades are blunted, of course.
Ella: Writing!!!

What are you going to do when this tag is over?

Elsie: Probably go write a letter to my brothers. They haven't answered in a while...
Brynn: Go practice some target shooting. *to Riley* You up for it?
Riley: *to Brynn* Sure. *back to us* Same thing as Brynn. Also, maybe hang out with the guys. *ducks as Brynn throws a roll of bandages at him*
Ella: I have absolutely no idea. Go hang out with friends?

Okay... What is your eye color?
Elsie: Light blue/ dark gray.
Brynn: It's hard to tell, they're so dark. LOL. Almost black. Let me see.....Dark brown.
Riley: Ocean blue. And Brynn is totally right. *quickly*: Not that I pay attention to her eyes...
Ella: Blue/green/gray.

Are you good? Or bad?
Elsie: Some people say I'm good, some people say I'm a trouble maker.
Brynn: I'm good.
Riley: Good. I'm fighting for good, too.
Ella: I'm a good person, as far as the world's standards go, I guess.

What is your greatest fear?
Elsie: *looks off into the distance* That something will happen to my brothers as they fight.
Brynn: That the Rebel Cause will crumble--that it will be destroyed.
Riley: Same as Brynn. But we won't ever let that happen.
Ella: That something will happen to the ones I love.

What do you think of your parents?
Elsie: My parents are dead. My father was stubborn, and my mother was a beauty. But I loved them both.
Brynn: I never knew my parents. My cousins Erik and Vince raised me. Along with Riley's mom.
Riley: My dad died a few years ago....*shakes it off* My mom is nice. *starts to drift away in thought with a slight smile on face*
Ella: They are both wonderful. I know that they love me.

Any siblings?
Elsie: Yes. A wonderful older brother named Jack, another older brother, Joe, Andrew, who is younger than me--a trouble maker!--and my darling baby-of-the-family, Peter.
Brynn: No.
Riley: I can't remember. ;) Just joking. My older brother is Aaron and then there's young Patrick and the two baby twins.
Ella: Yes, I'm the oldest. I have two younger siblings.

Was it fun to answer all these questions?

Elsie: I suppose so.
Brynn: Yeah, it gave me something to do.
Riley: Yeah, I guess.
Ella: Mm-Hm.

Sure thing... Do you have any weaknesses?
Elsie: Yes, I suppose so.
Brynn: *looks at Riley* Maybe.
Riley: No. Maybe two or three. I guess.
Ella: Yes.
Your favorite element?
Elsie: Huh? Do you mean...I don't understand.
Brynn: Don't really know....
Riley: Well, since everyone else seem to not be answering, I guess I won't.
Ella: Huh?

Do you care what others think of you?
Elsie: No, not really.
Brynn: *glance at Riley* No. *mumbling*: Maybe one or two.....
Riley: Nope. *steals a glance at Brynn*
Ella: Yes and no. Mostly yes, I guess. LOL

Your theme song?
Elsie: To Where You Are byJosh Groban. And many others!
Brynn: There is probably no song to desribe me.
Riley: Same here. Come to think of it, Conquer the World by Ashlyn Sound?
Ella: Ghosts of the Past? The Climb? Too many to count!

What's your species?
Elsie: Human.
Brynn: Human, duh.
Riley: What's with these questions!? Human!!!
Ella: Um, I'm pretty sure I'm human : )

Now, I tag....

Anyone who plays the piano....
Those who love to swim...
Those who have neighbors...
Those are love their state....

And remember: even if you don't write, you can use a character from your favorite movie or book. Or you can still make up a character just for this post! You all have great imaginations! Use them!


No Words

Monday, July 11, 2011

Summer is about hanging out with friends.......

And red roses....

And portraits.... 

And photo editing....

And hazy landscapes through car windows.....

And fireworks and picnics on the 4th........

                                              And band rehearsals and flowers covered with rain

                                                          And lakes and babies and cards...


                                                               And volleyball and baseball...

                                                                  And the Bible and music...

                                                            And Mustangs and writing... 

                                                             Summer is about beauty.....


                                                                         And I'm all for that.

The Peaceful Crazy Days.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Well well well, isn't the time flying? The craziness has only picked up since my last post, but I'm coping. Or trying to : ) I've had so many blessings this summer. My cousin is going to be having another baby, I've been able to spend time with my family and friends, my music is coming along really well....and I feel like I've come closer to my Savior. So for me, this summer has been completely awesome.

As far as music goes, I've got a head full of songs waiting to be written--and not enough time to write them in! I'm pretty much absolutely done with one of them (which is very exciting!) and last night as I was dozing off to sleep I got an idea for another one. Late night songs are the best :) I guess until this summer, I never realized how important music was to me. It's one of those things that I don't want to live without.

My friends and family are the most important things in the world to me. They are so much more important than--well, everything, next to God. And this summer I feel so close to my family. It just keeps getting better.

Novel-writing this summer has been a little disappointing. I'm ashamed to say it, but it's true. I've been so wrapped up in having a great summer, spending time with friends, playing volleyball, and music that my novel has sort of slipped away. And talk about daydreaming! I've probably done more daydreaming this summer than ever! Actually, come to think about it, no. I daydream a lot all the time.

That's all I have time for. It's almost supper time and I've got chores to do. After that, we'll probably go outside and swim some more, then we'll come in pretty late and I'll go downstairs and work on my new songs. Have a grrrrrreat day!

Everything Seems Insignificant

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

It seriously feels like summer is flying by. The whole year is flying by. Wasn't I just with my cousins celebrating New Year's? What's with all this craziness? One of my favorite passages in the Bible, James 4:13-14, talks about this very thing.Then I start to think: there's so little time on earth, and so much to do.

So often I get caught up in my life. "My life"? Something sounds wrong there. God gave me the life--He gave me my breath, my beating heart. And when I asked Him into my heart, I gave my life to Him. So it's not my life. But sometimes I seem to forget that. I get too wrapped up in things that don't really matter. Like, my music. Or my writing. Or my social life. So many times I've postponed my devotions to go write a song--"quickly" of course. When will I ever learn that my career and dreams mean nothing? Yes, I can use those dreams and goals for the LORD, but when those dreams and goals start to take over that's when I need to stop and rethink my priorities.

So many times this summer I have said that I want to have a very set-apart summer. A set-apart year. I want people to say that they see Jesus in me. Right now, I have to say that this is my biggest goal. Yes, I do want my music and writing to go far. But more than that, I want to live for God. My outlook on life has changed hugely in the past few months. Everything seems insignificant when you start to think that Jesus died for us. Everything seems insignificant when you start to think that our time on earth is short. Everything seems insignificant when we realize that our purpose on this earth is to glorify God. As Christians, we can't sit around twiddling our thumbs. We're supposed to lead others to Christ. Another verse I love is the one that says that, "the harvest is plenty, but the laborers are few" (the reference escapes me at the moment, and it's not a direct quote).

That means that there are millions of people who have never been washed in the blood of Jesus. And that means that there are millions of people of their way to Hell--it is a real place whether you believe it or not. But there is hope for those people. Jesus is able to work in people's hearts--He is able to do anything! We are supposed to share the Gospel. Have you ever seen one of those skits where two friends are killed--one is saved and the other is unsaved--and the unsaved friend cries (as the Devil takes him away) "Why didn't you ever tell me?!" Every time I feel like I need to witness to someone and try to shake it off, I try to ask myself, "What if you're the only one who every shares it with them? What if you're their last chance?" It's really a sobering thought.

Everything seems so insignificant. Everything. All that matters is God. That will never change. Compared to my purpose in being here, things such as texting, or blogging, or even writing, seem so foolish. So as I end this post, I'm trying to keep in mind my one word for 2011: Purpose. Because next to God's purpose, everything else is insignificant.

The Ultimate Friends

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Yesterday was the best Fourth of July of my whole life. The day started when Ashlyn Sound (plus my brother and sister) got together for a picnic and a swim. Then we watched the movie Lemonade Mouth. It was awesome! One of my favorite movies ever! It's about a band (we had to watch it together, you see). Afterwords, we went our separate ways for dinner, then met back for volleyball and a campfire--at which we sang songs to guitar music and roasted marshmellows. We never did read the Declaration of Independence. 

After watching Lemonade Mouth and spending a whole day with friends, I felt like it was the best day ever. Friends truly are gifts from God. I've got awesome friends who love me even though there are so many things wrong with me. I've got friends who are still my friends even though I walk into doors, trip, knock things over (yes, I'm kind of clumsy), am super crazy, come up with crazy adventures, and when I have to sing a solo in Ashlyn Sound....well, let's just say that I get really nervous. But even though I'm a crazy writer and musician, they all love me. And I love them. More than words could ever tell.

And that's only a shadow of what Jesus is to Christians. He is my very best Friend. He loves me even though it was my sin that nailed Him to a cross. He loves me even though I sin against Him. He forgives me repeatedly. He died for me. It's safe to say that Jesus Christ is the ultimate friend. I'm not saying the disrespectfully. I want the point to come across.

I am so thankful for Jesus. And I am so thankful for my friends. If your reading this, than I hope you guys know that I could fill up a blog of how much I love you guys.

Freedom Is NEVER Free

Monday, July 4, 2011

Hey, it's the 4th of July! I have always love it---definitely one of my favorite holidays. I've got a lot of things planned for today. Some friends are coming over to have a picnic, then swim--maybe we'll play volleyball (my arms are still bruised from last time we played. haha)--and maybe we might have a band rehearsal. Or preform for some neighbors.

Last night we went to see our small-town's fireworks--they were really nice! Tomorrow I'll try to get some pictures on here : ) It's turning out to be a great Independence Day. And it's only 9:35 in the morning. But somewhere amidst all the picnics and fireworks, and red white and blue, try to remember what today is all about. Try to remember how many countless men had to die and give up everything to get us here today. Think of the men who signed the Declaration of Independence. To them, it meant much more than freedom; they were signing their own death sentence by delcaring us free of Britain. Some of them were caught and killed. The wanted a free country, though. "One Nation, under God....".... And we will "hold these truths to be self-evident that all men are created equal..." Maybe, if you get the chance, you and your family should read the Declaration of Independence today. Because it's so much more than a historical document.

It's our declaration of independence. We're free. But remember how we got that. Freedom. Isn't. Free.

"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal,  that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Libery, and the Pursuit of Happiness."

Rebel: Book 1

Friday, July 1, 2011

Brynn Mason was the type of girl who would run outside during an air raid, unlike the rest of the girls who screamed and fainted....

I thought I'd tell you a little bit about my Rebel Saga (it's a working title). It's set twenty years from now. I seriously have no idea how I came up with it. One day I wondered what America might be like twenty or fifty years from now. And Rebel was the result.

The government is totally messed up--America is now known as a Communist country. But somewhere, out in the countryside, families from across the country are preparing for war. They start training. The government publishes in the newspapers that they will rid the country of these "rebels" soon; a few fights or so and all will be fine. They are greatly mistaken, though. The rebels may be outnumbered, but they are growing--and fierce.

The two main characters are Brynn Mason, and Riley Kale (Brynn more than Riley). The are so much alike--and that's why they are always fighting. Brynn's father was the one who brought the Rebels together. But the government killed both him and Brynn's mother when she was a baby. So, her two older cousins, Vince and Erik, are her guardians. She is raised, though, by her mother's friend, Mrs. Kale. And that how she becomes best friends with Riley Kale (Mrs. Kale's son).

Both Brynn and Riley are kind of dark. The saga is the story of the Rebels fight for freedom--for their America. But it's also the story of how the fighting impacts Riley and Brynn. I've noticed that Brynn changes for the better; in the first book, she is really rebellious, and maybe even somewhat bitter. She could be sweet, but she took after her father in the fact that she was extremely belligerent. Riley, on the other hand, is always very...oh how do I describe it?.... (I really don't know!)....brooding? He keeps to himself in a bitter kind of way. He's sarcastic, proud, arrogant....but don't think that he's not likable! He's got a great sense of humor. And he's extremely loyal.

Brynn and Riley are best friends--but it doesn't always seem like that; there's always tension between them. And part of that is because they are both stubborn and proud. Riley's has a way of looking at you--just the way he acts--that makes Brynn feel insignificant. And she hates that. She admits to herself that it's probably because everyone is nothing compared to Riley. He's the best at everything. But then, Brynn is, too. And Riley sticks up for her.

In book 2, Brynn is a lot different. It shows the sweeter side of her. Both she and Riley have matured by book two. Book 1 is kind of introducing the Rebels, and showing how the government gets worse--also some telling about why it is the way it is. Book 2 sees Riley and Brynn leaving the Rebel HQ to help out with the war (it takes place about two years after the  first book).

There is a bad guy in this. For once I actually have a bad guy in a story!!! Before, the bad guy was always something like a government, or war. But I have a shady character who...well, I can't tell you, because it would ruin the story!

Have a grrrrreaat day! And tell me what you think!