Words Cannot Desribe

8:19 PM

It's a beautiful day in Meadows. The type of day that puts me in the dreamiest of dreamy moods. The sky is a soft blue with white fluffy clouds just hanging in the air. The sun is falling beautifully on the woods; our pool looks like a peaceful lake. I'm feeling whimsical. It's safe to say that my head is in the clouds tonight.

I've had my mind on my Rebel Series (working title). I keep seeing scenes so vividly. And the love theme from Star Wars: Episode II is stuck in my head. It's a beautiful, haunting, piece of music. I was so happy when I was able to make my own small arrangement of it on the piano : )

I wish I wasn't in this dreamy mood. It's bittersweet. A wonderful feeling; but also very dangerous. I wish that summer could last forever. Everything seem perfect in the summer. The older I get, the more I love summer and dislike winter. True, there are some great things about winter--but summer is so much more amazing and wonderful. So mysterious, so romantic. So...beautiful.

Writing this post is pointless; I cannot capture what I feel with words, no matter how hard I try. Many better writers than myself have tried and failed. So why should I hope to? I cannot capture the night with my camera. There are just some things that we cannot hold on to. And those are the things that make life beautiful.

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