The Total Randomosity of Me

3:33 PM

As most of you know, I am the Queen Of Random--I'm probably the most random person I know. Thankfully, though, my friends seem to like me that way--or at least, they are able to put up with me. Anyway, yesterday was a happy day for me for an odd--and pathetic--reason. What is it? Well, hold on and I'll tell you : )

I'm 15 years old. I have been on this earth for 15 years. And guess what? I just snapped my fingers for the first time ever yesterday : D (I'm pretty excited).

So many people have tried to teach me how to snap my fingers. But only one person succeeded. And that is my awesome-cool-super-duper friend Morgan. She taught me how to snap. And I am in her debt. Do you know how long I have waited to snap my fingers? The minutes of looking longingly at my friend's fingers? Oh, I felt helpless. But now I can snap! And I feel so pathetic! Haha. Seriously. It's the small things in life, folks.

A strange thing that I've noticed, though--I can snap better with my ring finger than with my middle finger. And I can't snap with my left hand. Huh. I wish I was ambidextrous. Maybe that would help.

Morgan, who taught me how to snap my fingers.

Other random thoughts include:
I can't wait to write Rebel someday, because my character Riley is super awesome.
I am in the mood to go to a car show.
I really like food.
Amusement parks are awesome.
Singing is fun.
Writing music is fun.
Playing the piano brings me so much joy it's scary.
I can't stop writing.
Summer is awesome.
I'm a hopless romantic.

                                 How's your day going? Mine's perfectly random and awesome.

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  1. Em, I think I was about 15 when I finally learned to snap my fingers. And here I am at 36 and I STILL can't whistle.

  2. i can whistle! but i cant snap my fingers :)

  3. haha. I'll have to teach ya. Maybe it's easier for me because I play the flute (?) I don't know.

  4. heah now! the violin is much more difficult than the flute. The violin is the Queen of the Orchestra. The violins get paid almost 2x more in a professional orchestra than do the winds

  5. Okay... I was just saying. Yeah, the violin is awesome. It's one of my favorite instruments. Course I can't help thinking so when I hear you play...


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