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I've been meaning to write this post for a while. As a neighbor asked me, "Are you one of those Star Wars...enthusiasts?" Well...kinda. My sister and one of my best friends got me into it. I'm not one of those people whose life is Star Wars--I just like the story. And the characters.

The world of Star Wars is way too hard to explain in a post--it would go too deep for a post. Sometimes I wonder, "why do I like Star Wars?" I think I have the answer. I'm not into Lord of the Rings--I don't really want to, either. Elves and I jokingly told my family--men with pointy ears is wear I draw the line! Narnia is cool and I love the movies; but I'm not really quoting it, or finding similarities between that and things going on. Star Wars is easy to relate to, exciting, action-packed, cool--got a very sweet (and sad) love story...and it's got two characters that I absolutely love : ) *innocent "you-caught-me" laugh* Never into fantasy--I liked sci-fi better. But even that wasn't that great. Until Star Wars. 

Yesterday, my siblings and I were having a lightsaber duel with pool noodles (in the pool). My cousin was doing it with us, even though he's never seen Star Wars,  and told us "I have no idea what you guys are talking about. Darth-y Who?" I lovingly called my bro Obi-Wan because of his deep blue eyes (yes, I notice everything). My sis wanted to be Yoda for some reason, even though her nickname is already Padawan. I was dubbed Anakin because I happened to grab a red noodle (my brother was on the pool deck and said in a voice eerily alike to Obi-Wan's: "I have the high ground, Anakin" and "Don't try it, Anakin!"). My cousin was either the Emperor or Darth Maul. We had fun, and survived--even though my head was cut off a few times by Obi-Wan :)))

So, the world of Star Wars is complex and fun. The characters are great and the movies exciting. Don't be surprised if I quote the movies every now and then : ) Definitely some of my favorite movies!

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