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{1} Which Star Wars character do you think you're most like? Oh my. What do you think? I'd say that I'm probably most like Luke (maybe?). My brother and sister say they think I'm more of a Padme. Tell me what you think!

{2} Supposing you could really, truly visit the Star Wars universe over summer vacation - where would you to go? Naboo! To the Lake Country! It's so beautiful there! I would visit the spot where Padme and Anakin had their picnic.

{3} Lightsaber or blaster? Lightsaber, duh.
{4} Favorite quote(s): Anakin: You said yourself, I'm grown up.
                                    Padme: Please don't look at me like that.
                                    Anakin: Why?
                                    Padme: It makes me uncomfortable.
                                   Leia: I love you!
                                   Han Solo: I know.
                                  Yoda: Failed have I. Go into exile I must.
And many others!!!! It would take all day to write the rest!

{5} What is one of your favorite memories associated with Star Wars? I don't know.

{6} Do you remember the first time you saw a SW movie? I remember seeing Ben Kenobi die when I was 5--that was the only part of the movie I saw until I

{7} Have you ever used the Force? Yep : )  Actually no. Haha

{8} Do you have a favorite episode? Episode II!!! Come on, isn't that a no-brainer?! (Number three is good, too--very action packed)

{9} Dress-up time! Which characters wardrobe do you like the best? Well, Anakin's wardrobe is pretty cool : ) But I absolutely love some of Padme's outfits!

{10} If you ask any of the cast members from Star Wars *ONE* question, who would you ask and what would you ask them? I'd ask Anakin's actor { :))))) } and I'd ask him what it was like to be part of this long-lasting movie legacy!


1.Who is you Jedi Master? (you can pick ANYBODY from Star Wars to be your master)  Obi-Wan!!! He's pretty awesome :))

2. What is your JEDI name? I don't know!! Anakin and Obi-Wan have to be the coolest. What about....Emi-Wan :))) Haha, nope that's not it.  Emilemithy? Do I need one? Can't I just be Emily?

3.What is your lightsaber color?

4.What is your home planet? Naboo!

5.What is the name of your ship? Uhh.......The Skywalker Legacy.

6.Which War do you fight in? (Clone Wars? Sith Wars? Galactic Civil War?) Clone Wars. Then I could have fought with Obi-Wan and Anakin. And maybe Yoda?? :))

7.Who is your worst enemy? (Darth Maul? Count Dooku? Darth Vader?) The Emperor! I really dislike him. He's my defintite arch/worst enemy.

8. Will you stay loyal to the Jedi? Or will you betray them? Me, betray the Jedi?! I'm not gonna do that!!! Seriously! Are you crazy!? I will stay true. :)))

P.S. I just updated my Novel page.

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  1. i think i am most like leia because i wear to much lipgloss when i'm alone and i thought harrison ford was cute when he was young. i wouldn't change my name ever..... i would never ever ever ever ever betray the jedi...... to many cute guys on the good side;)

  2. Hahahahaha. Yeah Harrison Ford is cute :) And yes, there are a ton of cute jedis. Like, Obi-Wan....and Anakin!


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