Some Great Friends

7:25 PM

Well, I am so excited for summer! I'm planning on doing some really fun things with my friends and family. So here's to Summer 2011!

First off, baseball (while sometimes I feel like it runs my life) is fun and I may be going to a minor league game with one of my BFFs.

Then, in a few weeks, I'm going to turn my basement into a movie theater and have a friend over to watch a movie--complete with popcorn and promotional posters! My one friend says, "Haha, that sounds like something you would do, Emily."

Last, but finally not least, I want to say Happy Graduation to my awesome friends Andrea and Cassandra.

Andrea I met Andrea in 2009--and from there, we were fast friends. I'll never forget calling her "Crutchie" after she hurt her knee playing volleyball. I really will miss her. It stinks that I am going to miss her grad. party :( But thankfully, I won't "lose her" until December. I'm gonna miss you soooo much, girl! If it weren't for Andrea, I wouldn't of gone have the Wilds.

Cassandra She started coming to our church a few years ago. But on the trip to the Wilds, we were in the same van and seriously, I couldn't believe that I didn't  realize what a wonderful human being she was. Now, we hang out at all the youth activities-- even if I couldn't snap my fingers for the longest time :) Now that she's going away to college, she told me that I better come on the next college trip, and I better room with her! I'm seriously gonna miss your funny, sweet personality.

The Lord has truly blessed me with these two beautiful friends. They have both been there for my social/friend walk and my spiritual walk. I love these two girls and I don't know what I'm gonna do when they are gone.

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  1. you're so sweet! the last picture is a goood one

  2. Heehee thanks :) I'm going to miss them soooo much!


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