Never Let Go

3:26 PM

All I know is that when you're gone,
I'm gonna feel so lost.

Today, one of my best, dearest friends just said, "In two years, I'm going to be going to college." My first response was "What!? Only two years!?" Then, after the awful, dramatic first impact, my second thought was that first sentence at the top of this post. I always know that she gets me. We understand each other, we tease each other, we love each other. We get together at my house, watch a movie, and laugh over it--we go "awwwwwww!" at sweet parts--we cry at sad parts. What am I going to do in two years?

When you grow up with someone, it's hard to let go. There's that nagging fear that everything you have known will disappear. It doesn't help that your friend gets spring break and Christmas break. Summer break isn't enough. Just talking over the phone, or texting, just doesn't cut it. Their very presence is soothing. You suddenly realize when they are by your side that everything is okay. It's like a mother saying, "I'm here now--don't cry." Friends are teens security blankets.

Though we might not always disagree, I want avoid the days when we will not be able to discuss things; when we won't walk arm in arm out of church; when we aren't using up all of my 500 texts half a month before I get more. Just like how everything gets dark when clouds cover the sun, so will my life lose its brilliance when you, my wonderful friend, move away.

So even though we have bad days, even though we bug each other, even though we aren't any relation---you feel like a sister to me. You are my dear friend. Friends walk in and out of my life--but you are always there, whispering to me that we will always treasure each other's friendship, and we will always be in each other's hearts. You are my darling friend. And I love you.

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