Living Life to the Fullest

9:15 PM

Lately I've been thinking about growing up. I can't help but feeling like Peter Pan. I don't really want to leave behind all those great days of being a little, little girl. As I said in my last post, I have no idea what life is going to be like after my friends graduate. One of my best friends ever will be graduating in two years--and I can't handle that.

Last year, when I went to the Wilds, I learned James 4:13-14. It really spoke to me. It became my motto, you could say. Probably because life has been flying by--the part "as a vapor" just stood out--I can't get that verse out of my mind. To me, that was like God was telling me that yes, my life was flying by--and I needed to live every second of it for Him. I shouldn't go wasting away my life with worthless things--like texting, or blogging--I need to give every ounce of my being to the LORD--because He gave His life--He spilled His precious blood--for me. I gave Him my heart, which is what He wants. But it doesn't end with my heart. If I truly love Him--if He has all of my heart--then I should use my time for Him. No one else. I realize that now.

This summer, I don't want to spend my time doing worthless things--I want to draw closer to God, and be the girl He wants me to be. I want people to say that they saw Jesus in me. My cousin's wonderful girlfriend, Nikki, let me borrow a book about being set-apart for Jesus. I'm supposed to be living for Jesus twenty-four seven. And that's what I want to do this year. Sure, I'll play the piano--sure, I'll write--sure, I'm gonna go outside and catch lightning bugs and do cart-wheels with my friends until ten o'clock at night. But I can glorify God by doing that.

Maybe while I'm catching lightning bugs I can talk non-stop about the Gospel. Maybe, I can add the plan of Salvation into my books. Or write an allegory like C.S. Lewis did with Narnia. When I'm playing piano, maybe I can work on a song to play in church.

This year, I'm going to live my life to the fullest. The fullest for God.

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