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4:20 PM

Name eight movies that you most want to live in and tell us why.

Movie #1: Star Wars. Maybe this will change (it probably will). But right now, I think it would be super-awesome-cool to live in Star Wars. I mean, come on! Who doesn't want to live in a place where you can travel from planet to planet in star-ships or carry a lightsaber (if you're a Jedi), or use one of those cool laser guns?! That would be awesome!

Movie #2: Pirates of the Carribean: Curse of the Black Pearl. Pirates are cool (especially if they happen to be Johnny Depp or Orlando Bloom). In real life, they aren't as cool, true...but Pirates of the Carribean isn't real life--it's a movie. So those pirates are cool.

Movie #3: Chronicles of Narnia. Same reason why it would be cool to live in the book. Narnians have so many adventures! Aslan is cool. Narnia has centuars and fauns, good guys and bad guys, lions that talk...the list goes on and on.

Movie #4: Tangled. True, it's an animated movie. But Flynn Rider is just awesome.

Movie #5: Nancy Drew. That movie was pretty cool. And I happen to love mysteries. To live in that movie (and be Nancy Drew) would be pretty sweet. Wouldn't it?

Movie #6: Tuck Everlasting. This movie makes me cry. It's sad. And sweet. And I love it. If I had the chance to live in Tuck Everlasting, I might say yes to Jesse Tuck when he asked me to wait for him...

Movie #7: Peter Pan. This movie makes me cry to (sometimes). To go to Neverland would be awesome. Isn't it what every little kid dreams of? There are pirates, mermaids...and of course Peter!

Movie #8: The Princess Bride. This movie is funny and sweet. Wesley is amazing and so romantic; Buttercup is beautiful; Humperdinck is...well, he's a pain.  I love this movie!

There are so many other cool movies that I would love to live in. Anne of Green Gables, South Pacific, Hogans Heroes (even though it's a TV show).... and so many others. This was really a tough tag. But the movie I would most like to live in Star Wars. Definitely Star Wars.

Please do this tag! I am so looking forward to what movies you pick!

I tag.....

People who love summer thunderstorms
People who are scared of thunderstorms
Anyone who loves summer
And anyone else : )

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