Title's Make or Break (A Book)

6:38 PM

So, I've been thinking of my title. You know, Rebel Yell, my historical fiction novel. Should I change the name? Does "Rebel Yell" fit...well, Rebel Yell?

The other name I'm looking at is Southern Thunder. Both of those titles seem to fit the story right now (I can't tell you why, it would ruin the story). Then I thought, "Do people nowadays even read historical fiction?" But, I dismissed it from my mind because it doesn't matter.

If you could please tell me which title you like better, I would appreciate it a lot. And if you don't like either of them, let me know that, too. Feedback is always welcome! = )

I just got to chapter three of my book. It kind of makes me nervous because I don't think I've ever gotten that far before. Three chapters isn't really that much, I know, and the fact that I'm nervously excited is rather sad; but still, I am, and it's a milestone for me and my writing. The characters are so dear to me and when I write, I feel as if I'm reading my story for the first time. It's awesome : )

So, that is how I plan on spending my night--writing. Unless of course, someone runs to the store to buy some baking supplies--then I'll make cookies; I love to bake. But enough of that; it's off to writing--and eventually, Hogan's Heroes!

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  1. Hi Emily, so I like both of your titles, but I think that I like rebel yell the best :)


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