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3:38 PM

Who is your favorite artist?
Um, painting artist? I have no idea.

Who is your favorite classical composer?
Beethoven or Liszt--I really like Liszt.
Who is your favorite singer?
I really like group Ashlyn Sound [  : )  ] But my all time favorite singers are Bing Crosby and Josh Groban : )

Do you like to write?
Is this even a question? YES!!!

What genre?
Historical fiction, plain fiction, I like Agatha Christie mysteries. Narnia is pretty cool. And Star Wars (as far as movies go).

What is your favorite picture book?
Cupid and Psyche. The pictures are absolutely beautiful. I forget it's a book and not an art museum.

Favorite book?This is really hard. But I know what it is: Emily's Quest by L.M. Montgomery. Emily Climbs is very close to being my fav--in fact, the two are tied : ) I also really like the last six Betsy-Tacy books. Actually, if I listed all my favorite books, I'd be here all day.

Favorite painting?
I'm trying to think. I'll get back to you.

Do you compose music?

Do you write songs?

Do you like poetry?
Yes. Some of it is kind of hard to swallow, but I like most poetry.

Do you write poetry?
I tried. It was really corny. But I write songs, and they are just poetry put to music. In fact, half of my songs don't have music, so I guess they are just poems. So, yes, I guess I write poetry.
Favorite poet?
Oh my! I can't choose! I like William Shakespeare, John Donne, and Edgar Allan Poe, to name a few.
And now, for the tagging.
Anyone over sixteen
Anyone who loves Jane Austen movies
Anyone who is a fan of Mr. Darcy (I've been reading Pride and Prejudice)
If you do any of those things, I want to see this tag on you blog!! : )

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