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Last night was spent with some of my favorite people: my friends! Our youth group had a campfire and it was amazing. We sangs hymns around the campfire, played capture the flag---and of course, we roasted marsh mellows. I made the perfect smore (for me at least)--I caught it on fire twice, and then when it was black, I ate it. Smores are best burnt to a crisp ; )

I know that no matter what--even if it's the last thing I do--I am going to write the My Meadows series (but hopefully with a different name). I made my mind up about this a while ago, but I got a new zeal for it when I drove down the backroads of our tiny town.

Maybe I'm prejudiced, but I think I had the best childhood ever. I can remember eight kids in the backyard having a picnic at the Campsite, or discovering paths over at the Miner's Hole (aka The Stepping Stones). We played house--and I was always the youngest--we told secrets, made jokes, argued, staged a wedding...but the biggest fad was U.K.M.

Talking about the U.K.M. is kind of hard because it was a major part of my life and in a way it's still very dear to me (at this current point in time, you're probably shouting "what is U.K.M.?!") U.K.M. was a child's dream come to life. I still have no idea how the U.K.M. came to be. Each of us eight kids picked a "house". I lived at the Miner's Hole with one of my best childhood friends, my little sister, and another friend's little sister--you may as well know that the Miner's Hole was a hotel, restaurant, and store that had everything. So, sometimes we had three other kids living there, too. I owned it.

My brother lived under a tree along our driveway. He "rented out" the trees beside him and the Miner's Hole soon lost some business. Our cars were our bikes; money was rocks (we eventually became more civilized and made paper money)--and ice in the winter. I once found a huge rock that was worth $500 and used it to buy a see-saw that my brother made--it was a board of wood on top of a log, and it actually worked.

How did we come up with the name U.K.M. and what does it stand for? you ask. Well, we had already been playing U.K.M. for a long time when my brother asked, "What is it that we play?" I didn't know. He said, "Let's call it U.K.M." I had no idea what that meant, so he explained it. "U.K.M. stands for United Kids of Meadows." Simple enough.

So, our little country moved right along the next year. We elected a President--half the time it was my brother. He started an army and every now and then the U.K.M. government and the country folk (me and my friend) would have a war. They were pretty fun, too. I'll never forget when my brother and my friend's brother through rotten tomatoes at us. I still remember how my friend and I were covered in tomato juice--we didn't smell too good, either.

When there weren't wars going on, my brother worked on training the U.K.M. police (I think they pulled me over for speeding once). There was the time we tied one kid up to a tree for stealing and I was going to make him eat leaves. Really, little kids are vicious.

We had a mall, and plays--even a school: Meadows High, of course! What else could it be? There were sad times, happy times...but I remember everything like I was watching it on a video--it's so clear, so vivid. The U.K.M. ceased to be a year or two ago; we still laugh over our memories, though, and talk about everything we did--both crazy and genius; mostly crazy. So maybe the U.K.M. is still around. The original eight still live in the same houses. And I'll bet the old U.K.M. patriotism still lives in the hearts of everyone.     
        I know that the United Kids of Meadows are still around here. Somewhere.

I see ghosts of the past
A bunch of little kids
I thought that they were dead....
~Ghosts of the Past by Ashlyn Sound

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  1. I miss the UKM! Definitely write the book. It would make a great movie or TV series.

  2. The U.K.M. was awesome! And it would totally make a great movie. I know just the people to star in it, too. Like...the real people! LOL


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