Uh-Oh (Roadblock)

4:58 PM

I was working on my novel today; I was looking forward to what I was going to write next. But I decided to take a break. I quickly looked over the last line I had written, so I could keep it in my mind all day. Then, I was stopped. A quick change in the plot came into my mind. I would never in a million years have thought that I would consider this change (what it is, I can't tell you). It seems so simple--and yet so confusing. I keep telling myself to just go with my gut feeling, to let the story write itself. But the problem is, I don't know what my gut feeling is. I have to make a decision--I have to choose between two things that I love dearly; I just can't make my mind up. So what do I do? I can't move on, because the scene that comes next depends on what decision I make. I can tell you what: I'm going to be doing a lot of serious thinking tonight.

P.S. Thanks for all the birthday wishes. I had a great day, and got a lot of great stuff, including books, the new Narnia movie, flip-flops, and three CD's--a Josh Groban, and two Keith and Kristyn Getty Cds (they are the couple who wrote/sing In Christ Alone). Thanks for a great day, for all involved!

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