Tangeled in...well, Tangled

11:58 AM

I just wanted to tell you all about Tangled. I really loved it. More so than the rest of my family did. Which is kind of weird. But I love it just the same, and it is definitely one of my favorite movies.

The story of Rapunzel was changed a little for this movie, and that kind of disappointed my mom. I really like it, though. My all time favorite character in the movie, is none other than

Flynn Rider!!!
Yes, he's a bandit...but I really like him. Flynn is just so funny. And as the movie progresses, you start to like him even more. He is so comical. Seriously.

Rapunzel, is awesome, too. I love how I can relate to her. For example, the part where she yells, "This is the best day EVER!!" Then five minutes later, "I'm a despicable human being." And the frying pan--that's just awesome.

Of course, who could ever forget Pascal?! He is the coolest little green dude ever. He is a frog camillion (right, Flynn?) with a lot of personality. You can't help but love him!!!

The movie is really good. I recommend it. It's out on DVD--go get it!

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