Name, Please?

11:57 AM

150 years ago today, the Civil War started when the southern states fired on the Union held Fort Sumter. Because of this, I feel in focus for my book. I am trying to put myself in my main characters place. The story is coming along just fine. I'm still uncertain of a few things--and I feel a little dizzy because of it. By the way, I need a new name for one of my guy characters. Does anybody have any ideas? It would be nice if it was something that meant "hidden". I'd be happy to hear any other names, too.

I'm anxious for summer. It is so much easier to write in the summer--for me, at least. The summer air jolts my senses and I start to think more. So I can't wait.

Well, it's off to make peanut butter Easter eggs. And then, I have piano lessons. Tomorrow, I have a surprise for you. Thanks for reading!

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